Futuristic crosswalk

Tokyo new crosswalk style

In his latest video project, which he has entitled “Tokyo new crosswalk style,” motion graphic designer Takayuki Yoshida imagines a Japanese city crosswalk at night which looks like it could fit into a scene of Blade Runner 2049.

Whether through holograms or some other form of image projection technology yet to be invented (or at least practically implemented), the traffic signal and the crosswalk itself is alive with colorful digital signage.

In addition to English phrases like: “Stop,” “Danger” and “Wait,” we can see the equivalents in Japanese written in both kanji and katakana, not to mention the unyielding glare of a Kabuki actor in kumadori makeup, the traditional symbol used by Japanese police for crime-prevention, known as bōhan no me 防犯の目 (literally, “the eyes of crime prevention”).

Also reminiscent of science fiction films like Blade Runner, Japanese and Chinese iconography are blended. Here, we can see both a Japanese style lantern (long and tapered with no fringes) in front of the crosswalk and two Chinese style lanterns (rounder and flatter with long decorative fringes) on the sides.



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